Dr Per Hedén

Inventor and founder of ReSitu Medical AB


Dr. Per Hedén is an Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. Sweden. He was the pioneer in establishing microsurgical procedures in the Stockholm region in the beginning of the 1980´s and has still a profound interest in reconstructive surgery and a special interest in facial paralysis reanimations. Dr Hedén is also the Founder and Head of Akademikliniken, which is now Europe's largest private hospital exclusively for plastic surgery: The main hospital in Stockholm has 9 operating theatres and thirty-four overnight beds. Akademikliniken also have several smaller hospitals in Copenhagen, Malmoe , Gothenburg and Oslo. In addition to this a number of " Walk in Clinics" are scattered throughout the Nordic countries. In total Akademikliniken today has 25 different units staffed by twenty-two plastic surgeons, along with anesthesiologists and nurses. Skin therapy department, with skin therapists and dermatologist, are also part of the hospital group. More than 5000 surgical procedures are performed at Akademikliniken in Stockholm alone every year.. In addition to this more than 50.000 non-surgical procedures are performed each year.

Dr Hedén is a member of the many international and national plastic surgery societies. He also serves as a jury member, tutor, and a faculty opponent on medical students' dissertations and a research advisor for young plastic surgeons. Dr. Heden is regularly called on to review papers for many different international plastic surgery journals.. He is also a member of the editorial board of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal. Dr Hedén has written the patient information book: "Plastic Surgery and You" published in Swedish 1996. It has since been translated and published in English and Russian. He has also published several book chapters in medical textbooks on the topic of breast augmentation, facial paralysis reanimation and non-surgical facial rejuvenations and written more than 100 peer reviewed medical articles.

Dr Hedén has developed several new techniques applying to the use of breast implant devices and he has held a large number of international workshops and lectures on this subject. He has performed a large number of live surgery demonstrations of his techniques in many countries worldwide and he is a frequent presenter and moderator at medical congresses. Dr Hedén has also been a lecturer at medical education programs, participated in clinical studies on breast surgery and has been hosting education events at Akademikliniken, where he shares his knowledge on aesthetic breast surgery with plastic surgeons from numerous countries. Dr Hedén has also since 2002 been the initiator, organizer and president of the international plastic surgery conference "Beauty Trough Science" or "BTS" held each year in Stockholm. In 2021 this conference is planned to expand to also host an annual meeting in USA. The BTS conference is now the largest aesthetic medical conference in northern Europe. In 2019 it was attended by close to 1000 participants from 60 countries.

Dr Hedén is besides being a physician, scientist and entrepreneur an inventor and he holds several patents for new techniques in the Med Tech field. He is also a founder and shareholder of companies working in the med-tech industry.

Dr Hedén was also one of the first plastic surgeons in the world to use of Botulinum toxin and Hyaluronic acid fillers. He was part of introducing the first non-animal based HA in 1996 and has since acted as a key opinion leader for different companies in this field. Dr Hedén is well known for his non-surgical facial rejuvenation techniques and he has extensively demonstrated and lectured about around the world.