"We design for a minimally invasive revolution"

The qualified team is complemented by experienced consultants dedicated to bringing the technology to market. 

Stefan Sowa, MSc, MBA, CEO

Stefan Sowa has worked in the Life Science industry since 1984, including twenty years within Medical Devices including ten years as production manager and six years as CEO in development, manufacturing and sales of surgical implants. Stefan has held positions as business development consultant, coach and board member.

Heather Marshall-Heyman, MSc, PhD, COO

Heather Marshall-Heyman is an experienced project and programme manager with background in life sciences. For the past 15 years, she has been working with strategic development of innovations within SMEs in the life science sector. She is an expert in strategic project and partnership development, science writing, innovation funding and international project collaboration.

Therese Sundell, MSc, CMO

Therese Sundell has over 20 years of experience of startegic and tactical marketing in the life science industry on a global level. She has built and headed marketing teams, developed new corporate identity and websites, conducted market research and organised and executed marketing activities.  

Per Egnelöv, Product design, Partner

Per Egnelöv has over 30 years of experience in the medical device sector with emphasis on product development of Class 2 and 3 products. Per is a skilled medical device inventor and developer. His has long experience and technical expertise in development of prototypes and final construction of medical technical instruments. 

Henrik Thunqvist, Development Engineer

Henrik Thunqvist is a masters student in Engineering Physics at Uppsala University with focus on embedded systems. He collaborated with Resitu Medical to write his master thesis, which included thorough studies of electrosurgery and diathermy. 

Åsa Runnäs, MSC, QA/RA Consultant, Partner

Åsa has more than 15 years of experience of regulatory and quality systems for medical devices, with several assignments as project manager for product develop-ment and CE marking of medical devices. She has supported around 100 different companies, mostly start-ups and small to medium-sized companies, in their development of new medical devices.

Elisabeth Liliensten, DDS, PhD, Clinical Affairs Consultant, Partner

Elisabeth Liljensten has over 20 years of experience in clinical and preclinical work in medical devices. She founded Devicia AB/Inc and held several roles (R&D Director, Medical &Regulatory Director) in Swedish and US medical device companies. Elisabeth has been chair of MEDEA, a Swedish branch organization for consultants in medical technology. She is an expert in ISO standards, governing the conduct of clinical investigations.